5 Scheduling Tips to Increase Productivity

by Dan McPherson | September 28, 2018

5 Scheduling Tips to Increase Productivity

"I'm busy." I wore this phrase as a badge of honor for many years. I carried it like a shield and used these words to explain why things weren't done on time, why I was always in such a rush, and maybe even to make myself feel important.

It wasn't until years later that I finally understood "busy" is an excuse, execution is everything, and productivity requires planning.

Often, one of the first conversations I have with a new client is about time management. Effective scheduling is a key component of success in this area and, while it isn't complicated, few do it well.

How effective is your schedule? What strategies have you found helpful?

Here are 5 tips I've found that will help you save time and increase productivity:

1. Confirm your schedule at night and utilize a prioritized to-do list

2. Batch everything-Group like things together

3. Alternate energizing and draining activities

4. Learn your estimation factor and add flex time to your day

5. Limit email and social to four times per day

Take these simple steps and you'll find yourself breathing easier and getting more done.

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