Accept Responsibility

by Dan McPherson | December 12, 2016
Leadership, Sales

Accept Responsibility

Own your results—both good and bad–in all that you do.

If you are willing to take credit when you do well (and most of us are), you must also accept that same ‘credit’ when the results are less favorable or you will find yourself failing and wondering why.

It is far easier to make excuses and place blame (it was slow, they didn’t want anything, the world is out to get me, the weather was bad, it’s an election year, the moon was too blue, etc) than to accept responsibility.

Accepting responsibility (I wasn’t consistent enough, my energy was too low, I didn’t have enough knowledge, I didn’t connect well, etc.) for what we produce leads to the greatest success.

The good news? Once we begin acting (and hopefully believing) as if we have control of our results, we are empowered to make them better. More often than not, that is exactly what happens.

Try it and see.