What is Personalized Coaching and Consulting?

Personalized coaching is the fastest way to move the farthest toward your goals. This is dedicated time focused specifically on helping you achieve your personal and professional dreams.

This type of coaching is very different from a group session where training may be less specific and more broadly applied. Those forums, such as our Leaders Must Learn Mastermind, offer tremendous benefits and act as a great supplement to this 1–1 experience, but serve a different purpose.

Our individual consulting, whether engaged on an hourly, monthly, or retainer basis, is 100% focused upon you (and other principals as appropriate) and is designed specifically to help you develop personally and build, recover, or accelerate your business.

The experience is entirely unique and will be adapted to suit you and your world, so no two consultations will be the same. Our time is personal, productive, and 100% actionable.

How do I know if Personalized Coaching is right for me?

  1. Are you looking for faster ways to build, recover, or accelerate your business?
  2. Do you wish you had a shortcut to take advantage of the lessons others have already learned rather than learning them slowly on your own?
  3. Would you like direct access and be able to ask questions and receive candid, objective guidance from a knowledgeable expert with a proven record of success?
  4. Would a stronger understanding of sales, leadership, communication, time management, merchandising, staffing, and strategy move you closer to your goals?

If so, our Personalized Coaching might be for you.

I’m 100% committed to ensuring every client receives the best possible value and is matched to the services that will provide the most benefit and ROI for their situation. For the vast majority of those we work with, the impact is HUGE and far outstrips the cost of service, but customized coaching definitely isn’t the right fit for everyone.

This is why I offer all prospective coaching clients a complimentary one-hour consultation. We’ll meet for a conversation in person, online, or by phone to discuss your needs and goals. During this time I’ll ask and answer questions, offer real advice, provide an honest assessment of your situation, and work with you to determine the best path forward.

To learn more and schedule your free assessment, click here!

If, after our initial consultation, we make a good connection, you’re excited to move forward, and I’m confident working together will positively impact your business in a truly significant way, then we’ll agree on desired outcomes and schedule our next session.

Relationships are the currency of success. I’m honored that the majority of clients who start down this path continue to utilize the service for years and often choose to increase the frequency of our meetings because of the dramatic results they've seen in their business.

How Does it Work?

The time we have together is completely customizable, so we’ll create a plan that fits your schedule. Regardless of whether you prefer monthly meetings, the flexibility of paying hourly as you go, or the benefits of a retainer based plan, we can meet your needs.

The content and composition of our meetings will certainly vary over time as priorities shift, goals are accomplished, and growth occurs. That said, some of the most common agenda items include:

Goal Review

Review of previous action plans and discuss progress and learnings.


Conduct relevant training, skill building, and practice sessions.

Strategic Focus

Recognize and address current and projected business issues.

Goal Setting

Establish specific, realistic goals with concrete action plans.

Concerned about how this service will change as you grow? Don’t be.

After working in several industries and positions from front line sales to SVP Operations responsible for thousands of people and hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue, one strength I offer is the ability to adapt. As our clients gladly share, we’re equipped to serve your business during all phases of your journey.

“Directly due to the consultation of Leaders Must Lead, our company went from a small, garage workshop to a large commercial space and 20 employees. Our revenue increased nearly 250% in 12 months. Dan has been an essential factor in our business and we wouldn't be where we are today without his leadership.”

— Michael Konas, CBO Dog Might Games

Which Option is Best for Me?

Our clients typically choose one of three primary options when selecting a coaching plan.

  1. Hourly — The ultimate in flexibility! This option is ideal for those with variable needs, a limited budget, or who prefer a quick touch-base or Q&A focused approach.
  2. Recurring Meeting — Most Popular! Our most frequently selected plan recognizes that consistency is key. These sessions, most commonly monthly or bi-monthly in frequency and 2-3 hours in length provide a solid structure supporting personal development and strategic growth over time. Though variable, the focus tends to be goal establishment and review, strategic discussion and planning, and supplemental training to meet current and future needs.
  3. Retainer — Best value! Have projects or training needs to address, in a growth mode requiring in-depth attention, or simply driven to improve as fast as possible? Our retainer option is a great choice. With a minimum commitment of 10 hours per month and additional hours available as needed in increments of 5, you’ll receive a significantly discounted rate and the opportunity to maximize your progress. Working on a retainer basis provides you unmatched access and allows us the freedom to develop, participate with, and lead a much wider variety of projects to support your business. Examples of projects recently completed with our retainer clients include:
    • Process and system analysis and improvement
    • Staff training for sales, leadership time management, etc.
    • New program and product launches
    • Extended P&L training and analysis
    • Long-term growth strategy
    • Contract negotiation
    • Performance management training
    • Scripting for customer service and sales presentations
    • Event strategic planning and structure
    • Employee handbook and HR policy revision and implementation

Don’t worry if you’re unsure about committing a specific option. We care deeply about your happiness and return on investment so in most cases allow you to freely move between plans as you wish to meet your current needs.

How Do I Get Started?

It’s easy! Now that you know what we’re all about you can click here if you’re ready to schedule your FREE one hour consultation or contact us with any questions and we’ll be glad to help.