Finding My Path Episode 2

by Dan McPherson | September 7, 2018

Finding My Path Episode 2

What have you learned from starting/running a business? (share in the comments!)

Key topics from Episode 2:

Recent Client Success Story-The Power of Delegation

My current Struggle-Finding the right balance (especially at the end of Summer)

What I'm learning: Podcast (How I Built This) and Fitbit fun

What's coming next? New website; Free Webinar; Sales Training

Key issues I've encountered while starting LML:

Limitless options/limitless distractions

Helping everyone is helping noone

There are things I'm terrible and/or inefficient at accomplishing

Everything takes longer than I think

Leadership is lonely

Stories are powerful. We like context and we want to understand how people work and why they do what they do. Understanding this is part of what helps each of us find our own path.

Finding My Path is a new informal, live series where I hope to provide a window into my crazy world, share what I'm learning, help everyone laugh a little, and maybe inspire you to take a small step forward in your world.

Want to know why I'm so darn passionate about helping creatives or why I left a stable high-level job (twice!) do start my own company? Press play and find out!