Finding My Path Episode 4: Signal vs. Noise

by Dan McPherson | September 14, 2018

Finding My Path Episode 4: Signal vs. Noise

QUESTION: How do you separate the signal from the noise in your world?

Key topics from Episode 4:

-See yourself accurately

-Don't wait your turn

-Be open and ready for opportunity

-Client wins from this week

-'Turning it off"

-Sorting the signal

Stories are powerful. We like context and we want to understand how people work and why they do what they do. Understanding this is part of what helps each of us find our own path.

Finding My Path is a new informal, live series where I hope to provide a window into my crazy world, share what I'm learning, help everyone laugh a little, and maybe inspire you to take a small step forward in your world.

Want to know why I'm so darn passionate about helping creatives or why I left a stable high-level job (twice!) do start my own company? Press play and find out!