Creating and delivering incredible value is paramount for any service provided by Leaders Must Lead.  Many of our clients have seen returns greater than 10 times their investment in one on one coaching and consulting, but circumstances can vary greatly. That’s why I meet with potential clients for a FREE, no obligation, 60 minute assessment prior to any paid agreement.

How much can I help you? If we haven’t met, talked, or had a chance to discuss your situation, I have no way to know that answer and neither do you. So, let’s find out!

portrait of Rob

This FREE hour is incredibly valuable and you’ll have an opportunity to:

  • Share your current situation, hopes, and expectations
  • Receive real advice to help you move forward right now
  • Hear an honest assessment of your current state, plans, and direction
  • Learn more about Leaders Must Lead, our approach, and our clients
  • Connect authentically to determine if there is a positive ‘personal fit’
  • Ask questions about any topic or concern
  • Discuss and evaluate likely ROI and specific outcomes
  • Review potential coaching plan options, rates, and timing

After we meet, one of three things will likely be true:

  • We’re both excited and feel we can gain great benefit from working together. Whether now or in the near future, we’re likely to enter a coaching/consulting agreement and get started.
  • You enjoy the conversation, but feel for any of a variety of reasons (timing, cost, personal match, etc.) that we wouldn’t be a good match at the moment.
  • I enjoy the conversation, but believe for any of a variety of reasons (overlapping strengths which might limit my ability to provide extreme value, concerns over potential lack of commitment or follow-through, needs outside my expertise, etc.) we would not be a good match at the moment.

While, of course, I would love to help as many people as possible move faster towards their dreams, all three of these results are positive. Why? Because you’ll have new feedback, real advice, and a clear picture of what’s next. If we do move forward together, it will be with a confidence that dreams are real and results are on the way!

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