Interviews and podcasts have been a powerful source of knowledge for me for the past several years. I love that these resources are easily accessible and freely available to all and I’m honored by a number of opportunities to participate as a guest.

Below are some of the places where I’ve been featured as a guest. Take a few minutes to listen if you’d like to find out more about who I am, what I do, and what’s on the horizon for Leaders Must Lead.

If you’d like to ask a question about anything mentioned in any of these shows, or if you’re interested in having me as a guest on your show, don’t hesitate to get in touch .


Episode Host Station Category
Freedom Summit TV Interview with Dan Clarissa CHIY Leadership


Episode Host Station Category
Interview with DZME Jaemie Quinto 1530 DZME Leadership
Interview with Ann Arbor Talk 6.20.18 Lucy Ann Lance 1290 WLBY Leadership
Interview with Ann Arbor Talk 5.20.18 Lucy Ann Lance 1290 WLBY Leadership
Interview with Ann Arbor Talk 7.29.19 Lucy Ann Lance 1290 WLBY Leadership


Episode Host Category
Dreams Are Real: From Corporate Job To Becoming Your Own Boss with Dan McPherson Pam and David Leadership
Secrets to Earning Your True Value (with Dan McPherson) Kent Sanders Leadership
Focus & Freedom Val Low Leadership
How to Grow as a Creative Adventurer in Business with Dan McPherson Dan Zehner Leadership
Life Without Limits Joan Kaylor Leadership
We Travel There Lee Huffman Mindset/Lifestyle
Freedom Summit Podcast with Dan McPherson Clarissa Leadership
Become a Fearless Father Klaas Oosterhout Mindset/Lifestyle

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