Whether for business development or personal improvement, we all need resources. With so many options and opinions in the world, I’ve found it difficult and time-consuming to figure out who I can trust and to sort out which solution will best meet my needs.

Now that I’ve done the work and answered many of these questions, I’d like to save you some of the pain. This page is a curated list of extremely useful tools and resources I’ve extensively researched,  personally used, and strongly recommend.

I love to hear your stories! If any of these resources help you reach your destination or achieve your goals in some way, please send me a note and share your success.

Note: Some resources on this page include affiliate links. This means if you choose to make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I have experience with every one of these resources, and only recommend those I’m passionate about because they are genuinely helpful and useful. Thank you for supporting Leaders Must Lead.


Podcast Host Category
The Tim Ferriss Show The Tim Ferriss Show Business & Leadership
Jocko Podcast Jocko Willink Business & Leadership
Masters of Scale Reid Hoffman Business & Leadership
How I Built This NPR - Guy Raz Business & Leadership
Big Questions Cal Fussman Business & Leadership
The Gary Vee Audio Experience Gary Vaynerchuck Business & Leadership
Business Wars Wondery Business & Leadership
Digital Nomad Mastery Scott Paton and Ricky Shetty Travel/Digital Nomad Lifestyle
Hardcore History Dan Carlin Educational
American Innovations Wondry Educational