Mindset Matters: 2020 (Event and Mastermind Meetup)

Mindset Matters: 2020 (Event and Mastermind Meetup)

This year’s Leaders Must Lead seminar will be a day packed with impactful training from leadership expert Dan McPherson.

This ticket includes the full event plus a Mastermind and More Meetup. This will be a meetup the night before at a local restaurant and includes food, 2 drinks, and a fun, informal discussion on any topic with Dan and a small group.

Note: More details will be available very soon.

About Dan

Dan McPherson has cultivated more than 20 years of leadership and team development experience to create a strong Leaders Must Lead mindset. Dan has held leadership positions as an SVP Operations and a top-ranked manager in the retail industry and his experience in retail, sales, and business has led him to become a student of all aspects of personal and leadership development, as well as positive organizational growth. Dan is a great communicator who has helped many leaders accomplish more than they thought possible. He has a passion for stepping out to lead people and help impact their lives and businesses.