Walk the Talk, Episode 1: Embrace Your Adventure

by Dan McPherson | July 5, 2018

Walk the Talk, Episode 1: Embrace Your Adventure

Are you a creative or entrepreneur with a desire to improve? Do you have questions about growing your business, how to sell more, or ways to be a more effective leader?

I’ve started a brand new series over on Facebook where I talk to you while I go on my daily walk. The scenery will be beautiful, the information helpful, and the time well-spent.

This series is inspired by a few things: My desire to give back in a tangible way that can help others grow, a commitment to spend more time outside and be more active, and the (possibly overly literal) idea of ‘walking the talk’.

Consider this an AMA–I’ll answer nearly any question you have. I’ll also have a few topics in mind to keep the conversation flowing for those who just want to listen in as well. The real goal here is to provide value that is helpful for you and to do so in a less formal setting than most.

In this first episode, I walk through the beautiful County Farm Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan while discussing this week’s theme: embracing your adventure. I talk about:

Stepping out of your comfort zone

Making a habit to get better every day

Jim Rohn’s theory that you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with (and how to find these 5 people in your life)

The idea that motion trumps emotion

I look forward to you joining me for the next episode! To watch the next one live, be sure to head over and like the Leaders Must Lead Facebook page.